still life with mango, 12x9 in. oil on canvas

still life with fruit and a white vase,12x9 in.

Original Still life daily painting by wangfineart, corn, 4x5 in.

tomato #2, 5x5 in.

lemon 4x6in. Original still life painting kitchen fruit

still life with strawberries, 10x12 in.

still life with fruit and a glass bowl, 14x11 in.

roses, 18x14 in. flowers original still life

oil on board

mushroom 5x7 in. original still life food vegetable, wangfineart

a pear 5x5in.

Still life with rose, oil on board, 8x8 in. Wangfineart

shrimp 4x5in. original still life painting wangfineart