still life with peaches, 10x12 in.

This is the second painting I painted with almost the same composition of the same subject matters but under different light source. I painted this one under natural north window light instead of the previous one which I painted with warm lamp light as light source.


About me
I was born in China and had been studying and working there before moving to the United State in 2001. I received my master degree in fine art in Florida State University in the summer of 2005. Starting from 2006, I began to make painting my full time job and have been enjoying everyday’s life of doing what I really love. Since then I have been selling my art works to hundreds of domestic and international art collectors. I moved from California to Toronto, Canada with my family recently and have been living in this city since then. For purchase info of my paintings, please visit my Blog. I also teach small group or private lessons in my studio, please contact me if you are interested and you are in the local area.

A short note about my daily paintings and materials:

Inspired by the daily painting practice/movement, I began a daily painting practice since Jan 2008. Most of the paintings are in small format from 4″x4″ to 9″x12″, painted with alla prima technique. I now post just a few small oil paintings per week, and most of the paintings are sold by auction or sold directly on my website(blog).
Materials: For years I have been consistently looking for the best painting materials suit for my personal style and need. As a professional painter, having good quality materials is top priority. Currently I find that a combination of the following brands material and support surface work perfectly for my painting need.
I use only artist grad oil paints from Winsor & Newton, old Holland and Williamsburg handmade oils, and I use standard linseed oil combine with turpentine as medium. For surface support, I like to make my own triple gessoed or oil primed panels for cost but mostly for quality reasons. I find that triple primed hardboard is a perfect fit for my small format paintings. It is lightweight combined with durability and archival permanence.