lemon with a cup of water 6x6 in

still life with strawberries, 8x10 in.

3 lemons, 8x8 in.

still life with clementines, 8x8 in.

bananas, 8x8 in.

tangerine, 4x4 in.

slices of a Clementine 6x6 in.

a banana, 5x6 in.

a broken egg, 4x4 in.

clementine 5x5 in.

cucumber with a knife 5x7 in.

Hydrangea 6x6 in.

Not sure of its name, Viburnum or hydrangea

a cat, 6x6 in.

a fried egg in a white plate 5x6 in.

a fried egg, 5x6 in.

seashell clams with a knife, 5x7 in.

shellfish a clam #2, 4x4 in.

a lemon, 4x4 in.

strawberry 4x4 in.

slices of orange, 4x4 in.