bread #11, 6x4 in.

Here I would like to thank Christine and Lara from giving me A-Passion-For-Painting award. I have been enjoying viewing their beautiful works on their blog. I'm really honored to be choose by such wonderful artists. Thanks!! I'm supposed to list seven things that I'm passionate about, and share the award with other passionate artist friends. Certainly I will be happy to do it after my life come to normal. I have been a super-busy daddy since our second new born son 6 weeks ago. Just don't have enough time to paint anymore. Hopefully I can spend more time with my painting soon. To answer Christine's question here: I managed to paint an average of one painting a day so I can keep up with my daily posts.

bread #10, 6x4 in.

garlic, 4x4 in.

a cup of tea, 4x4 in.

raspberries and blueberries in a plate, 10x8 in.

commission painting