a cup of coffee, 4x4 in.

figs in a white plate, 6x8 in.

Hydrangea 8x8 in.

a half of lime with a Japanese bowl, 5x5 in.

lime, 4x6 in.

radishes, 5x7 in.

slices of lime with a cup of water, 5x5 in.

flowers in pots, 12x12 in. oil on panel,

flower in a pot, 8x8 in.

2 pears #2, 6x6 in.

limes in a paper bag, 5x7 in.

a sunny day in the park, 6x7 in.

mid day spring in the park, 8x10 in.

still life with coffee and bagels, 6x6 in.

oyster 5x5 in.