asparagus, 3x8 in.

bok choy #2, 5x6 in.

a broken egg, 4x5 in.

a banana, 5x6 in.

a half papaya 5x6 in.

still life with cucumbers and a metal can, 8x10 in.

still life with apple in a metal box, 8x10 in.

still life with fruit and a white plate, 10x12 in.

dog walking, 5x7 in.

female nude figure study, 4x6 in.

tulips, 8x10 in.

a commission painting

two pears, 6x6 in.

I would like to thank Sadia Hussain for giving me the Sunshine award! The Sunshine Award is given to blogs that are creative, positive and inspirationa by other bloggers. Please check Sadia Hussain's blog for his amazingly beautiful digital paintings.

bok choy, 8x8 in.

still life with celery, bell pepper and onion, 6x10 in.